Thursday, May 20, 2010

Congratulations Stephen!

Stephen graduated from Mothers Helper pre-school this past weekend. We are so proud of him! He'll be headed to kindergarten in the fall!

The Graduate!! Turning his tassel!
Stephen with Dad & Mom
Grandad, Gigi, Stephen, & Owen
Nana & Stephen

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank You Owen...

I thank God for choosing us to give Owen to. I pray that we are good parents and steer our boys in the right direction! Owen & Stephen are such blessings to us each and every day. In the past 3 months I have learned quite a bit about life. Having a baby sure does get you away from thinking about what you want to do. They become the boss very quickly! But that's ok; I wouldn't have it any other way. When he starts getting restless in the morning and I peek my head over the crib and I get the biggest most special smile, I know my purpose in life! Owen & his Daddy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3 Months Old!

Our precious Owen turned 3 months old on Mother's Day (May 9th). He is an absolute joy in our lives! He is so full of personality now. He will smile and laugh at you as long as you'll sit there and talk to him. He has found his hands and loves to hold them together. He also loves to stick his whole hand in his mouth. We are determined that he is teething but no sight of that first tooth yet. He is grasping things well now. You can pass him a toy and he'll take it and hold it all by himself. He loves to watch the tv (just not for long periods at a time) especially Baby Einstein or Sid the Science Kid. We have Grace to thank for that! He is growing so fast and I thank God everyday for blessing us with such a sweet and precious boy! Big blue eyed boy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bath time FUN!!

Look at my sweet, growing baby boy!! He sure does enjoy bath time. I hope he is a little fish like his big brother!

Happy 1st Birthday Grace

Ms. Allie Grace turned 1 Saturday! Happy birthday sweet girl! Even though I wasn't feeling up to par I couldn't miss her very 1st birthday party. It's not everyday your best friends baby turns one! She & Owen love each other so much it was important for us to get there! Even though I only had half of her birthday present I figured we would be excused considering our week! There are some cute pictures on Meg's camera of her feeding Owen his first cake; so I'll post those later when I get them!

Look how precious she is with her goldfish cake! SWEET girl!
Mommy & Grace

Me & Owen

My Mom drove Owen and I to the party! Thank God for Nana!! Owen is quite fond of her!!

What a Week!!

Last Monday (about 2 am) I started having horrible pains in my stomach while laying Owen back down in his crib; horrible pains. I couldn't even get back to sleep my stomach was hurting so bad. Owen had a pediatrician appointment Monday morning that I was determined to get to. I was supposed to go back to work Tuesday so I wanted that appointment behind us. So, I got the boys ready and dropped Stephen off at school and Owen, Granny, and myself headed to Edenton despite my continued pain. I thought I either had a virus or my nerves were really messed up because my maternity leave was coming to an end and I just hated to be away from Owen. The pain was really weird it would ease off at times and then come back very angry! I could only compare the pain when it was really bad to labor pains. So, I finally called the Medical Center and I went to see Mrs. Irene and she sent me straight to Edenton for blood work and a cat scan. She said I could either be pregnant or she thought I was having an appendicitis! Needless to say I was very relieved I was not pregnant; wouldn't that of been a shocker!! Thank God for family! My Mom took me to the hospital; Owen stayed with Grandad & Granny, and Krystle picked Little Stephen up from school. Stephen was in the middle of the river so he headed to the hospital as soon as he could. Finally about 9:30 or 10:00 pm my results were in and I needed my appendix out asap. So, the OR got their team together and we headed into surgery. I got out of surgery about 2 am. Stephen headed back home got a shower and got his peeler pots set and my faithful Mom stayed with me at the hospital and brought me home Tuesday afternoon. I begged to come home and promised to be good so I could see my babies! My Mom & Granny took turns spending the nights with us and took care of Owen so Stephen & I could rest. Stephen had to keep working because we had no clue when I could go back to work. During the days my Mom, Granny, Megan, & Teresa took turns staying with us and taking care of Owen and Krystle brought Little Stephen home from school everyday. We had friends bring us dinner every night! Thanks to Vickie, Megan, YECA girls, & Ginny for feeding us! Lara took me to my appointment Monday and the doctor said it would be at least six weeks for me to fully recover especially from 2 surgeries in the same area in less than 3 months. So, that is kind of where we are now trying to figure out what to do about work. Stephen & I are so blessed with such great families and wonderful friends who always help us out. God has really put great people in our lives that I truly don't know how we would live with out them.

Here is a picture of Stephen & Grace. Megan was putting clean sheets on our bed and all the kids were so exhausted. Stephen went and got the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and read it to Grace word for word. They were so sweet. It is obvious Stephen is growing into a sweet big boy! Stephen was entertaining and feeding Owen!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another FUN Weekend!

My sweet boys first thing in the morning! Stephen's jamies say, "Handsome Like Daddy" too bad they didn't have a pair in Owen's size! Me with my babies!

Grandad & Owen
Granny & Owen
Ready for Church. Stephen decided he didn't want his picture taken that morning!


Stephen is so excited to be playing t-ball for the 2nd year. He is on the Rockhounds again this year and we can see a lot of improvement from last year!

Here he is going up to bat! A little help from Dad is always appreciated!

Nana & Owen enjoying the shade in the dug out!
Taking a time-out for a cheeze!
Aunt Lara & Owen
Uncle Will with Owen & Kelsey!