Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Stephen!

What a group of silly boys!!
This year Stephen decided he wanted to have his birthday party at Pizza Hut. His Dad and I were quite happy to hear that!! Since Karli's birthday is only 2 days behind his we met her and her girls at Pizza Hut so we would have an even bigger crowd! So, his buddies came over after school to play for a couple of hours before headed out for some Pizza! We had a great time!!

It is so hard to believe that he is 6 years old! When Stephen & I started dating he had barely turned 2. He is such a sweet boy and quite smart if I may add so myself! Happy Birthday baby.. we love you to the moon and back!

Happy New Year!

Owen's first new year...2011!! (Hope you can see his shirt!)

Picture catch up...(December 2010)

I couldn't resist putting these pictures up!! These were taken at some point after Christmas but before January 1! (I PROMISE I'll be better!) Look what I found Mr. Owen up to one morning while trying to get ready!!
This was our last "big" snow!
Helping Auntie Mere with the snowman.

Picture catch up...(Christmas 2010)

Ok.. so as you can tell I have too many favorite pictures that I want to make sure grace my blog! I promise to be better about posting in a timely manner and then I wont have this problem! I realized I didn't have any Christmas pictures up here so I had to add a few! Enjoy.. Owen..."into" EVERYTHING! He still loves gettin in the dishwasher! Stephen, while were making Christmas cupcakes!
My boys in their Christmas church outfits. Couldn't ask for cuter!!!
Christmas Eve night at Grandad & Granny's in their jammies!
Merry Christmas Stephen!! It sure looks like you were a good boy!
Merry Christmas for the very first time Owen!! He didn't know what to think of the mess!! But, he sure did love all the boxes and wrapping paper!
Love them!
Merry Christmas from the Spruills'!
Mom, Me, Owen, Mere, & Granny. Celebrating Christmas with the Grady's.
The whole Grady clan!
My love:~)

Picture catch up... (January 2011)

These are some pictures from January. The kids were still "into" their Christmas toys and enjoying some down with Mom & Dad! Owen is down behind his Dad all the time. He is 100% boy! Here he is "helping" his Dad put together my new book case they got me for Christmas. Daddy is lucky to have such a great helper!

Little Stephen hot his own pressure washer from Uncle Jim & Aunt Kathy. He says he's "pressure washing his crab pots"!! Oh boy.. here we go!
My 3 favorite fellas!
Owen trying out his new wagon that he got for Christmas! LOVES it!!
And.. he's already tired of his new toys and moved on to the pots & pans!! We have since got cabinet locks on our cabinets!

Love my baby boy:~)
Snow time for Stephen!
Like Father like Son!! Recliners and Mt. Dew!

12 Months!!

12 MONTHS OLD.... Where does the time go?!?! I can promise you this... being pregnant goes by A WHOLE LOT slower than when they get out of there! Boy oh boy is Owen one special baby. We love him to pieces!! I can not believe all the things that Owen has learned in his short little life so far! He has got it made I must say! He still gets to stay with his Grandad & Granny while Mommy & Daddy go to work and he couldn't be happier about that! He is rotten as you could imagine!! I was checking his baby book out and the one thing that sticks out the most about how much he has changed from 6 months to 12 months is his sleeping habits. We have always rocked him to sleep and 6 months ago when we put him down for the night he was done until around 6:00 am. Now, at 12 months he is up 2 or 3 times a night. That calls for some tired out parents!! However, after some GREAT advice (Thanks Pam!!) we just throw him in bed with us when he wakes up where we all sleep all night; peacefully may I ad! At 12 months Owen checked in at: Weight: 24 pounds. That put him in the 75% for weight! Length: 30 & 1/2 inches long. That put him in the 75-90% for length.

I sure do love that baby boy!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

First time fun!!

Since Stephen comes home and sits at the table to do his homework Owen wanted to be like his big brother. So, here is Owen coloring for the first time! He had tons of fun!!
"See Mom!!"
That same night since the coloring went off so well we thought it was time for him to use a fork while eating. He had a lot of fun experimenting with that. I'm just not sure exactly how much food he actually ate while using his fork!!

Owen, as you can see if growing like a weed! And.. were enjoying every bit of it!!