Thursday, September 16, 2010

New things...

At about 6 & 1/2 months we tried out a sippy cup. Owen was NOT a fan. So, we put it up and still haven't pulled it back out. Maybe we'll try again soon!!
Also, at 6 & 1/2 months we decided to switch Owen into a new car seat. He just didn't look very comfortable in the carrier anymore. We went with a Britax; were now good until he reaches 65 pounds! He enjoys his new seat EXCEPT for the fact that until we face it forward it lays him back and he does not like to lay back at all. But, he adjusts and enjoys the ride!

7 months!

My baby boy turned 7 months old September 9th. Owen is growing like crazy!! He is quite a "healthy" baby! Owen had to go to the doctor for an ear infection this week and he is now weighing 21 pounds. He has his own personality that will brighten even the worst days. He LOVES to eat his baby food and wants everything on our plates as well; but his favorite is still his bottle. (Don't worry, we don't let him have the food off of our plates.) Owen is blessed to stay with Granny & Grandad during the day and he is very happy there! He gets all of their attention all day long. I love coming to work and not having to worry about him at all! But, in the afternoon when Stephen or I get there he cries if we put him down. He is quite a Mommy & Daddy baby and we couldn't be more thrilled. However, he is quite fond of his big brother! He loves Stephen and it will melt your heart to watch them play and interact. They both love taking baths together! Owen just watches his every move and so far that doesn't bother Stephen. He is very protective over Owen. Let's just hope it stays that way! He now has 4 teeth and yes he can bite you!
Look at those bottom teeth!

Dear God, please let time slow down... just a little.


I am very late at posting.. but I just couldn't leave vacation out! We went to Williamsburg, Va for vacation at the beginning of August. We were joined by the majority of my family and we all had a wonderful time! Already were saying.. can't wait till next year!

Of course we had to go to Busch Gardens! Why we picked the hottest day of the week I still don't know!
Daddy & Owen hanging out in the pool!
Stephen at Water Country. That happens to be his favorite place to go while on vacation. The child could stay in water all day and still not be tired of it!
Look at those baby blues:)
Me & my big boy!
My silly boys!!
How I ever lived without them I'll never know...
Daddy & his boys!

Our family of four!