Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stephen's 1st Livestock Show!

This was Stephen's 1st year of being old enough to compete in the Livestock Show & Sale. He and his goat Parker enjoyed themselves for the 60 days they were together. Actually our whole family especially Stephen & Owen fell in love with Parker! Stephen did so good at the show; we were very proud of him! Needless to say he was one sad little boy when it was time to depart with Parker. But, he says next year "I'm getting another goat and I'm gona name it Parker Jr."!
All smiles:~)
Stephen & Parker decided to join the "Dress Your Animal Show" as commercial fishermen!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Owen's 1st Hair Cut...

It felt like it took forever for Owen to get any hair. But, the time has now come for a hair cut!! He didn't need very much cut off.. but he did need a "shape up"! It appears Owen is going to have curly hair so I was very sad to cut those curls off. But, he did such an excellent job! Please excuse me in these pictures. I was getting my hair foiled so we thought Owen would sit better in my lap!

Owen likes to comb his hair!

Owen sure is growing mighty fast these days. Its hard to believe that we have already had his very First Hair Cut. He sure does make my heart melt each and every day!