Sunday, June 27, 2010

Picture Catch Up!!

This summer has already proven to be just like the others; BUSY!! Despite the ridiculous heat all is well in our world! Owen is the happiest baby ever! He is smiling all the time and laughing at loud. Which I must admit melts my heart! He is growing every single day! Stephen is staying busy as well. From swimming lessons, bible school, and sleep overs; he is keeping us running!

Look at this precious smile!

He keeps those fingers in his mouth all the time!

Swimming lessons with Mrs. Brooke!

Sleep overs with Jacob!

Bible School!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yummy Cereal!!

We starting giving Owen cereal at night since he turned a whopping 4 months old! Everyone had told me he would not like it so I wasn't very thrilled about starting it. Boy were they wrong... Owen loves his cereal! He is so cute.. I can hardly keep up with him. As soon as I give him one bite his little mouth is open again wanting more! He is simply precious!
We are a bit messy with it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

4 Months Old!!

Time sure does fly by when your having fun!! I have never seen time pass by quite so quickly as it has these past 4 months! Owen is a true blessing! He has changed my heart forever. He is so full of personality! I think 4 months is the absolute best. (Until next month this is!!) He will laugh out loud at you now and it absolutely makes me crumble. He is very into his Mommy & Daddy, still! He can pick our voices out of the whole room and just smile the biggest smile! We are blessed that he gets to stay with Granny & Grandad during the day so no daycare for us! He is spoiled rotten to the core and I love it! I figure in just a short amount of time he wont want us to hold him so we need to enjoy it now! He is doing much better with him tummy time. He still doesn't like it; but he can get that head up and look all around! He still likes him Bumbo seat; just not for long periods at a time. We took him for his 4 month appointment and he weighs 15 pounds and 6 ounces and is 25 inches long. He is a growing baby boy! He is in the 50-75% for both weight and length. He had to get 2 shots and that was no fun but he did really good. No fever or anything! I am so thankful that I was blessed with Owen. I thank God for him every single day of my life.
Aunt Lara tried to get Owen to smile for us but it was NOT happening!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beach Day!!

Stephen & I took the boys to the beach Sunday afternoon and we all had a blast! We stayed until like 8 pm but that worked great for us because we didn't have to worry about sunscreen! Stephen & Owen both took a nap while I watched little Stephen play in the very COLD water!

Owen's 1st visit to the Beach!!
All smiles:)
Mommy & Owen
He liked the water!
Me & my boys!
Daddy & Owen
Handsome boy!
All buried!