Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Stephen & Owen with Santa. Owen wasn't quite a fan this year!!

Rivertown Christmas

The first weekend in December Columbia has "Rivertown Christmas"! We participated in most of the activities and enjoyed every single one of them!

We were watching the flotilla!! Very cool!! (literally!!)

Breakfast with Santa!

Owen spotted Stephen in the Christmas parade!

Stephen in the parade!

Owen & Grace at the Brickhouse Inn's open house.

Stephen, Owen, & me! (Little Stephen was WAY too busy to stop for a picture; were going to have to start making him!!)

Here he is finally...

Our carriage ride in the snow:)
What a wonderful weekend we had!! Really got us in the Christmas spirit!!

Christmas FUN!!

Owen LOVED the lights and the tree!! The above picture is kind of a preview of what it was like having a Christmas tree + a 10 month old under the same roof!! What fun times:)

Aunt Mere + boys watching Christmas shows! (You can tell their not happy with me for trying to get a picture!!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well... since I'm only a MONTH late on posting...I gota make these short! Thanksgiving was wonderful, it's my favorite holiday. No presents involved... just good quality family time! I have so much to be Thankful for and its a good time to think about all of those things that we take for granted day after day. We have a routine set up for Thanksgiving Day; lunch with my family and dinner with Stephens. I hardly took any pictures at all! Sad... I know! Stephen (big) & Owen took a 3 hour nap and Stephen Jr. played ALL DAY with his friends outside. So, needless to say there is not one family picture of the four of us. Better luck next year!

Grandad & his boys!

My Mom & hubby:)

Me, Meredith, & Owen

Jordan, Owen, & Mom

All the Grandchildren (We had to pile on John M. because he too had a long nap that day!)

This is the only picture I took while we were at Stephen's parents. There are 6 Grandchildren now so it gets quite hectic at family gatherings there!!
Aunt Lara & Owen

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bath Time FUN!!

Owen LOVES sucking on his wash cloth. I used to enjoy that trick myself!! (So my Mom says!) The flash on our camera gets him every time!! Hence.. his eyes not open all the way!!
Owen loves when his brother is home to take baths with him! They both have a blast!

Kelsey & Owen are too stinkin' cute! We always give them a bath when we have evening family functions in hopes that they'll fall asleep on the way home!! Our trick usually works in our favor!

Here is a video of the boys one night!! Sorry for the yucky quality of the video. I'm HOPING for a Flip Video Camera from Santa!!

How to eat a cupcake... By: Owen!

At first (guess I should of got a pic of him in the beginning!) Owen did NOT know what to do with this thing sitting in front of him. Little Stephen was VERY concerned at the mess this was going to make!! Owen just started poking his thumb in the cupcake...then he began to SMASH it and spread it all over his tray. Then I taught him how to lick his finger and boy did he like what he tasted!!
He is taking this VERY serious at this point!!

The end result...One very dirty but, happy baby boy!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Owen turns 9 months!!

Owen turned 9 months Tuesday (November 9th). However, since we were at the doctors office TWICE the week before I decided to ask them to go ahead and do his well visit so we didn't have to go AGAIN this week! So, these stats are 6 days before he actually turned 9 months!

Owen is growing very fast these days!! He now weighs a whopping 22 pounds which puts him in the 75% for weight and is 29 1/2 inches long which puts him in the 90-95% for length.

He is the happiest baby I have ever seen. If he isn't smiling usually... something is wrong! We are still blessed that Owen is staying with his Granny & Grandad during the day so he does not go lacking any attention!

Owen doesn't really care to pull up (unless your in the floor with him and he wants to get in your lap) for now. He can get on his knees but just kind of sits there, not going anywhere. We are considering ourselves blessed that he is still staying in the general area where he is put for the most part. Now.. he can scoot and roll and move though. He can still manage to get into things that he shouldn't be in to!

He has continued to say Mama (his 1st word), Dada (2nd word), and can now wave and say bye-bye! We are trying to teach him how to sign "more" when were feeding him but he gets in a hurry and just starts clapping!! He LOVES to play pat the cake and sing, "Itsy Bitsy Spider"!

Owen is a complete JOY to have and I have found more love with Owen that I ever thought possible. He is the apple of my eye.. that's for sure!

SO happy!!
LOVE those blue eyes!

A busy weekend..

Thank Goodness Owen was feeling better this past weekend because we really had a lot going on! Friday night a few girls (pictured below) went out to dinner to Outback to celebrate the up coming arrival of Ms. Emmie. Heather is having her early December so we wanted to do something special with her before the big day!

Me + Meg
All the ladies...
Saturday morning Owen and I headed to Ayden's birthday party. Look how happy and so stinkn' cute he is!!
The birthday boy!!
Grace & Owen have always been TOO cute together!!
After the birthday party Owen and I headed to Greenville to go to the Holiday Show. I always try to go every year. It was really fun! Of course, my Mom, Granny, Aunt, & cousin were there so they happily entertained Owen while I shopped!

Sick Owen...

My poor baby was sick..he had his first cold. He started out just running a fever but finally after 3 days of that I took him to see his pediatrician. He gave him an antibiotic and sent us on our way. After a couple of days of being on that he had an allergic reaction. So, we go back to the doctor and find out Owen now has an ear infection (that he developed in 2 days), on top of the reaction. So, this time he was put on a different kind. It took him a good week but by that next Saturday his appetite was back and we had our happy smiley baby that were used to. It was heartbreaking to see my baby sick. Hoping that doesn't happen again for a while. Luckily no one else in the house caught it so were now looking forward to the up coming holidays!!
This is how I found him one day after walking out of the living room for maybe 3 minutes. He just gave it up to take a nap!

The "Miss Bridget"

We purchased this boat in December of 2009 so it has been quite a work in progress! It has a brand new cabin, new paint job, & new logo! Of course there has been other work put into it but I mostly got into the new "face lift"!
Owen loving being on the boat.
Our future pay roll!!!
Our family of 4 on the new boat! Can't wait for the first family outing on it! (I have big plans for that already!!)

Happy Halloween!!

My boys are such a mess:)

Stephen aka Woody being a "real cowboy"!!!
Look at those baby blues! He was the cutest monkey I had ever seen:)
Daddy & his boys!
We always have to make our "rounds" with the family!!
Grandaddy & Gigi with the boys!
Proud Aunt Lara:)
Grandaddy R & Grandma Lib
Nana (They are just about getting over this picture taking...)
Granny's turn...
Owen was tired of that outfit but quite happy when we got him out!!

We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating around town. Stephen has just as much fun passing out candy at Grandad and Granny's!! Owen just enjoyed all of the attention. As for me.. I was tired, but it was all worth it!!